How To Protect Your Assets, Your Wishes And The People That You Love
Event Begins In:
Enjoy complimentary dinner by joining estate planning attorney Paul Mason, of Mason Law & Planning Group, as he walks you through his proven approach to estate planning.
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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At this complimentary dinner seminar, estate attorney Paul Mason will provide you with actionable information that you will be able to use for your own personal estate planning. 

Homeowners, business owners, and anyone with assets owe it to themselves, and their family, to get honest facts on proper estate planning. 

Many past attendees that already had a simple Will were astonished to learn that they are not as protected as they thought. Paul Mason's Estate Planning Workshop will educate you on the legal and practical steps you should take to protect your assets, your wishes and the people that you love. 

Paul takes a common sense approach to teach you what you need to know without boring you with legalese.
  • ​Name a guardian for a minor child or grandchild
  •  Avoid a long and expensive court process known as probate 
  •  Make your medical wishes known and ensure they are honored 
  •  Make sure the money you leave behind would be immediately and privately available to your family 
  •  Protect your spouse and children’s inheritance from creditors, predators, future divorces, and lawsuits 
  •  Leave behind more than just money and homes, but pass on a legacy
Enjoy pizza and beer on us.
Pikes Peak Brewing Co. | 1756 Lake Woodmoor Drive | Monument, CO 80132

TuESDay, FEBRUARY 26, 2020 
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

This is not some boring classroom setting where most struggle to retain the information. Paul uses real-life cases and examples of some of the hundreds of families he helps each year. All attendees will be able to relate to the subject matter presented.
CAUTION: these 3 documents CAN RUIN your estate PLAN
By attending this complimentary dinner seminar, estate attorney Paul Mason will have you clearly understanding the importance of these documents and what they mean. You should never sign any of these documents until you have had a chance for Paul to show you how they impact your estate. You will also learn how to amend them if you have already signed any of these docs.
Document #1
General Durable Power of Attorney
Document #2
Healthcare Power of Attorney
Document #3
HIPAA Authorization
How long is Paul Mason's Estate Planning Dinner Seminar?
This dinner seminar usually runs 60-90 minutes and is presented while you are having dinner.
Does this cost me anything to attend?
No, this event is complimentary and includes dinner. You will not be asked to buy anything at this event.
What does it cost me to hire Mason Law to do my estate plan?
Well, that varies based on the complexities of your situation. Unlike other estate planning attorneys who charge $250-$350 per hour, we charge a flat fee. We provide a complimentary initial consultation and then will provide you with a flat fee quote to prepare your estate plan.
What if I already have an estate plan?
Many people who attend our workshops already have some type of estate planning in place. They should use our dinner seminar as an opportunity to re-evaluate their choices, or to feel more confident that their existing plan will fully protect them.
What's the catch?
You might be wondering why we do these types of events. Especially pay for dinner. Honestly, it's a numbers game. We know that some attendees are DIY types or have an estate plan in place and are just using us for comparisons,  however, a certain percentage of attendees will decide that their estate planning is too important to try to do themselves and will end up hiring us. That is why we do these events.

Paul Mason's Estate Planning Dinner is ideal for any adult to attend, whether you’re married, single, elderly, wealthy, disabled, parents, or grandparents. We even suggest you bring your adult heirs.
If you are married, we recommend that you both attend as he’ll be covering information that will pertain to both of you.
Meet Your Hosts and TRUSTED ADVISORS
Paul Mason, Esq
Attorney Paul Mason is the founder of Mason Law & Planning Group based in Monument, CO.

Paul received his undergrad B.A. degree from Texas A&M, and his Juris doctorate is from Southern Methodist University. He spent almost a decade in the securities industry as a financial planner before changing his focus to estate planning.

Paul is a rare find for most prospective clients looking to work with him because he has both financial planning and estate planning expertise. He believes the legal and financial industry can perform better and is committed to being a trusted lifetime advisor for his clients.
Mason Law & Planning Group
Matthew R. Lang
Once upon a time, people trusted a single person to help them plan and prepare for the future. Now, it seems retirement has become about cookie-cutter portfolios managed by large corporations. The intimacy of custom investment has been discarded in favor of convenience. 

That's not the case at Lang Investment Services, and our mission is a simple one: Create a highly personalized retirement strategy designed to make sure you don't run out of money in your golden years.

Guided by your personal goals, available resources, and timelines, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to help make sure that you can spend your retirement ... spending. Spending time with family. Spending time traveling the world. Spending time living life on your terms. Our strategies are designed to walk the line between your planning goals of lifetime income, beating inflation, and safely protecting and growing your principal.

For over 20 years, Lang Investment Services' approach has delivered strategies to help your money continue to work for you long after you've stopped saving.
Feedback from past attendees...

"I went to Paul's workshop, and I was blown away how much information he covered. When my wife signed us up, I figured I would be bored to death. He is a great speaker. Providing dinner was a big bonus too."
Monument, Colorado

"This was surprisingly informative. We walked away understanding more of what we need to do to care for our son with special needs, as well as the rest of our loved ones."
Anne & Todd
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I learned so much! My financial advisor told me I should attend Paul's dinner talk. I am really glad I did. Paul made an unpleasant subject easier!"
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I am a 45-year-old business owner with 2 kids and have known for years that I was supposed to be getting my estate in order. This dinner workshop got me off my butt, and now I have a general understanding of what my next steps are. Thanks."
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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